Another death in vain

Regrets and mistakes are memories made

"Y si fuera mi vida una escalera me la he pasado entera buscando el siguiente escalón, convencido que estás en el tejado esperando a ver si llego yo." #Portugal #2014 #landscape #paisaje 
 (en Praia de Lagos)
Cien profundas soledades forman juntas la ciudad de Venecia #venecia #landscape

Louise. 22. Living the dream.I started in film, which I think has shaped my photography. I was never going anywhere with film, but it was the necessary step to get to what I love today. I try to tell stories or capture stories through my photos.
I don’t like to explain what inspired it or what I wanted it to symbolise, because I think a picture can mean something different to everyone, and I like to let the viewer make there own decisions and feel there own emotions :)

I’m a London born and bred amateur photographer. Im currently studying, but shoot a mixture of street photography along with some night landscapes at the moment.
My photography is my way of recording whats going on around me and remembering places and faces. It can be invasive at times, but i make no apologies. 
I use to shoot film, but now go between my Canon 5D MK 3 and Ricoh GRD Pro.