Another death in vain

Regrets and mistakes are memories made


Hi, I’m Andras, architect/photographer. I use analog and digital cameras. I’m looking for something new in architecture photography.

My name is Kai Engel from Limburg/Germany. I’m a father, IT projectmanager, runner…and sometimes i am a photographer. My camera helps me to escape from workaday life and freezes special moments. I prefer black and white…
This is my first day in thumblr, this is my first post.
😎😬🎢🇩🇪 #europapark #silverstar #germany  (en Europa-Park)
#germany #deutschland  (en Freiburg, Germany)
#Germany #Deutschland   (en Titisee, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
"Y si fuera mi vida una escalera me la he pasado entera buscando el siguiente escalón, convencido que estás en el tejado esperando a ver si llego yo." #Portugal #2014 #landscape #paisaje 
 (en Praia de Lagos)
Cien profundas soledades forman juntas la ciudad de Venecia #venecia #landscape

Louise. 22. Living the dream.I started in film, which I think has shaped my photography. I was never going anywhere with film, but it was the necessary step to get to what I love today. I try to tell stories or capture stories through my photos.
I don’t like to explain what inspired it or what I wanted it to symbolise, because I think a picture can mean something different to everyone, and I like to let the viewer make there own decisions and feel there own emotions :)